Author Interviews

I'm very grateful to all the wonderful authors that have taken the time to chat with me about themselves and their great books.

Here is a list of the authors that I've interviewed so far.  Take a look and found out about the joys and tribulations of writing!

Lorraine Nelson

Sharon Gillenwater

Dawn Torrens

Ey Wade

Angel Walker

Donna Fasano

Liza O'Connor

KC Klein

Jude Ouvrard

Michelle Matkins

JJ Ellis

Liam Taylor

Tracie Banister

Jan Ruth

Alexandra Sellers

Deila Longford

James West

Savannah Grace

Sarah Elle Emm (2nd interview)

Tammy Robinson

Estelle Wilkinson

Patrick Carr

Jennifer Comeaux

Lori Lesko

Rosemary Lynch

Vic Robbie

John Hanley

Van Heerling

Paul Hewlett

Sonia Galloway

Dawn Torrens

Cynthia Woolf

Jane Carroll

M. R. Cornelius (2nd interview)

Alle Wells

Uvi Poznansky

Melissa Foster

Mary Ann Bernal

Catherine Kirby (guest post)

Bella Andre

Janet Beasley

Paul Rega

Darcie Chan

Jacqueline Sanders

Wayne Zurl

Ash Krafton

Natalie Hancock

Michelle Hughes (2nd interview)

Jan Romes

John Paul Davis

Kathleen Long

Cat Brown

Chris Culver

Shewanda Pugh

T. M. Souders

Judy Powell

M. R. Cornelius (1st interview)

Catherine Bybee

H. S. St.Ours (guest post)

Philip Catshill (2nd interview)

Julie Thomas

Kevin Ashman

James Hutchings

Robert Collins (guest post)

Sarah Elle Emm

Shelli Johnson (guest post)

Mel Comley

Patti Roberts

Ellen Gable

K. E. Saxon

Michelle Hughes

Alle Wells (guest post)

Regina Puckett

Philip Catshill (1st interview)

Paula Martin

Christy English

I love hearing from and talking to authors of all genres. If you would like to be interviewed by me, please email me at KatherynLane1 (at)