Monday, December 12, 2011

The Angels Are Here: An interview with author, Patti Roberts

Today I’m thrilled to have the chance to chat with the author Patti Roberts. First of all Patti, can I ask how you become an author, what inspired you? 

Therapy.  I was feeling very down and misplaced after a failed relationship and I wanted to do something positive….  I needed to do something positive.  I wanted to herd up all my unresolved emotions and put them to good use.  So I went out and bought a new laptop computer and started writing.  Hence the reason Paradox is a dark read.  A little bit EMO!  Writing has been the best therapy and I have never been happier or more fulfilled!  I highly recommend writing to anyone that finds themselves in a similar predicament.  So to answer your question…  That is how I became and Author and how the Paradox Series was born.

You have recently published two novels: Paradox - The Angles Are Here and Paradox – The Progeny of Innocence.  Could you tell us something about them?

Paradox is a saga that spans over centuries to the present day.  It is about a love that has no boundaries.  A love that lasts forever...  It is about two worlds.  An Ancient World where powerful Beings from Ancient Civilizations still rule. A Realm Where Gods, Angels, Myths and Magic still exists. And a New World...  where a young girl is trapped somewhere in-between the old and the new.

These are listed as being Book 1 and Book 2 in the series. Does this mean we can expect a 3rd book? 

You most certainly can.  Book 3 (which is currently titled Paradox – Bound By Blood) will be released in 2012.

I love the design of your book covers. In fact, I've even featured your first book on my page, Great Book Covers.  Did you design them yourself? 

I purchased the artwork from and then added the text etc myself.  There are so many talented artists out there!

When you are not writing, what do you like doing in your free time? 

I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  A game of chess, a movie night, a BBQ on the patio, a good book….  The simple yet very rewarding things life has to offer.

What advice do you have for other authors out there? 

Keep reading, keep writing.  If writing is what you want to do, then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  And grow a thick skin – you will get some bad reviews, but rather than let them get you down, learn from them.  Good reviews are great.  However, bad reviews are good too - they can be a wealth of valuable information that will guide you into becoming a better writer.  Here is a blog post I have written for this exact topic that has some great comments from other authors: Did you just receive a bad book review?

Where can we buy your book?

All the information to find my books in on the Paradox Series blog.   

Finally, do you have any parting comments that you would like to share with us? 

If you are a new writer and are looking for likeminded people and support in the writing community – Join Goodreads.  I have made some wonderful friends there and their support has been amazing.   The writing journey does not have to be taken alone J

That’s great advice!  Goodreads is an excellent online community.  Thank you very much Patti for taking the time today to tell us about yourself and your great books.


  1. Hi Patti! Hi Katheryn! I was just over at my own blog about to put up a button-thingy for a blog hop I'm doing on 4Jan through Carrie Ann Ryan. Anyhoo, I have both your blogs doing a little roll-y thingy that shows what's new on the blogs, and noticed Patti was featured--just HAD to come by and say hi!, since you are two of my all-time favorite people! I loved the interview, Patti. Sorry for the heartbreak, but what came from it is like Phoenix rising from the ashes. I adore your covers, your video (you've got to be tired of hearing me say that by now, I've said it so often!), and I have sent quite a few folks to read that hysterically funny article on reviews that you did. What a hoot! You know, I noticed recently that one of my favorite Julie Garwood historical romances got a "1" star--and the person who gave it was agog that everyone else was giving it a 4-5 star rating! Just goes to show....

    I'm sure I'll be "seeing" you two later today!

  2. Hi Ladies.... Yes heart all fixed now! And I really do feel that something wonderful came out out of those ashes... I have never felt so utterly fulfilled!! I would never have imagined it so. But there you go, a silver lining!

    On the subject of reviews, well lets just say they have the ability to give you a leg up onto the back of a beautiful black stallion or shove you right back off! My advice for those that have decided that writing is their passion... Hold on tight because you are in for the ride of your life!

  3. Hi K. E. Saxon!

    Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely compliment! You and Patti are both so right about reviews - everyone gets bad ones sometimes! People have different tastes and different opinions, which I guess is part of what makes life interesting.

    Thanks again for a great interview Patti!

  4. Thanks for the insightful interview.

  5. Hi Patti, Great interview guys! Nice to see two very talented authors talking with each other. I agree Katheryn, great cover designs! Congrats on the success of your work Patti!