Saturday, May 11, 2013

Inside the World of Romance Author, Deila Longford

Yesterday romance author, Deila Longford, was kind enough to invite me over to her blog to talk about happy-ever-after endings and today it's great to reciprocate by having her over to mine to talk about her life and her beautiful books (don’t you love the book covers!) Over to you, Deila.
Hello, I would just like to start by thanking the lovely Katheryn Lane for asking me to do a guest post on her blog. I was really faltered that she had asked me to do a post and (I must admit) a little bit nervous about what to write. I am not the world’s best in writing blog posts, but bear with me, I will try my best. I feel that I should start my telling you a little bit about myself. I live in rural Scotland with my family in a country house. My only neighbours are horses and other farm animals. My bedroom window looks over a lake (or Loch as I call it) and every morning I wake up and that view is what inspirers me to write.

I am quite young (twenty-one to be exact) and I know at my tender age I don’t have much life experience, but I try not to let my age affect my writing. I always write from my heart and what I feel readers would like to experience in real life. I like to think that I am quite well-travelled for my age. I have visited many countries around the world, Spain, France, Portugal, Africa, Turkey and of course the USA. I love to travel and to experience new cultures. To see how differently people live, is mind blowing. Travelling is something that I want to do more of. I would love to visit Australia and China. To experience another way of life and to soak up the sun whilst doing it is my dream. We don’t get much sun here in rainy Scotland. As I write this post the rain is pelting against my window. I have recently visited Spain and whilst I was there, I collected inspiration for my new novel, Wilde Velvet. Everything from the people to the food inspired me and now I am having a blast turning that inspiration into a story.     

The first novel that I wrote was Three Thousand Miles To You the story is based in London and New York (my two favourite places in the whole world), about a young girl who meets and falls in love with a dangerous, compelling guy who has deep, dark secrets. Writing was always something that I wanted to do, but with a busy lifestyle and literally no free time, I never thought that I would ever have the time to finish the story. Seven books later, that fear has long gone. I finished the Three Thousand Miles series and started writing another. Forever Yours was born and now I’m working on another novel and a follow up to Three Thousand Miles Forever.

This year has been hectic and consumed by writing so far, but of course I have still managed to squeeze in reading a few wonderful novels. My taste in reading varies. I love everything from Pride and Prejudice to Beautiful Disaster. There are no limits to what I read. I am currently reading This is a Love Story by Jessica Thompson. I love it so far and like every book I already love, it frustrates me in the most wonderful ways. I can’t wait to finish the story and find out what happens with Nick and Sienna.

As I have already said I’m not the best at writing blog posts. However, I feel that I have let you into my world a little and hopefully I have inspired you to check out my books. I always love to hear from the readers. Without you, there would be no reason for me to write.

Love Always,

Deila xx

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Thank you very much Deila for taking the time to tell me about yourself and your  writing - could you send a bit of that Scottish rain out here to the desert?

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