Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hope and Success: An Interview with Bestselling Romance Author, T. M. Souders

I’m so pleased to have T. M. Souders, another fantastic romance author on this blog.  First of all, congratulations on the success of your bestselling novel, Waiting On Hope. For people who haven’t read it yet, could you tell us a bit about it?

Waiting On Hope is about a woman who was raped by her best friend's husband and discovers she’s pregnant. Unable to stay in an apartment filled with the memories of what happened, she flees to her parent’s house in rural Ohio; however, when she arrives home, she discovers that healing is not easy because she has to deal with the past she left behind. Ten years earlier, she abruptly abandoned a heartbroken fiancĂ© and devastated younger brother. Now she is forced to face not only the ghosts of her past, but also the reality of her pregnancy. Waiting On Hope is all about finding hope and the resiliency of the human spirit.

What do you think have been the biggest factors in the success of Waiting On Hope? Have you done blog promotions, facebook, twitter, giveaways, advertising, reviews etc. Would you be able to say how many copies you’ve sold?

Including the downloads on a 2 day "freebie" period, I have sold over 51,000 books.

Honestly, I think success is based on all of the above. First, you need a good book, which will be appealing to the public, a great cover and a good blurb. The rest is all about social networking and all of the things listed above. Marketing and promoting yourself and your book is difficult, but it's an endless journey.

Who is your favourite character in the book?

Lexie, the main character. She is the epitome of strength.

Can I ask what ‘T. M.’ stands for?

I usually go by Tia. "M" is for my middle name.

I believe you are currently working on a young adult (YA) novel. Could you tell us something about it?

Yes! The title is Freedom Road and it is a YA/Crossover novel. I'm pleased to say that it is currently with my editor and, if all goes well, it will be available mid-March. Here's a bit about the premise: Following a tragic accident, Samantha Becker's life is turned upside down. Ten years later, her mother's an alcoholic and her father has all but turned his back on her. Music is her constant solace, and she dreams of attending school at Juilliard. Her tyrannical father, however, has other plans and will do anything to stop her.

When you are not writing, what do you like doing in your free time?

In my free time, two things occupy my time, playing with my kids and spending time with my husband.

What advice do you have for other authors out there?

Be patient, and don't compare yourself to other authors.

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

My website is http://tmsouders.com/

My blog is http://tmsouders.com/blog/

My twitter handle is @TMSouders

Thank you so much Tia for coming here and telling us about your great book, Waiting On Hope. Please let us know when your next book, Freedom Road, comes out.



  1. Sounds like an excellent novel. I may have to get me a copy and read this one :) Cheers, Jenn.

  2. Thank you so much Jenn! I hope you enjoy it.