The Sheikh's Beloved

Praise for The Sheikh's Beloved 

"The romance is beautiful and makes the adventure of the story a perfect choice for the romantic at heart" - Coffee Time Romance

"Left me on the edge of my seat and totally transported me to another world" - Amazon reviewer

"This was a remarkable love story filled with all the elements a great romance should possess" - D. G. Torrens, author of Broken Wings

"The Sheikh’s Beloved is a beautiful romantic love story. I had a hard time putting this book down. Ms Lane was able to hold my interest from the very first page to the very end." - Amazon reviewer

"You will not want to put it down" - Amazon reviewer

Two people.
Two cultures.
Two completely different sets of expectations.
On a flight home from Australia a volcanic ash storm forces Tassie Fielding to prolong a scheduled stop-over in the Middle East and it's not long before she is being offered some local hospitality by a fabulously rich, handsome sheikh. However, what will Sheikh Najid expect from her in return for his lavish generosity?

Unlimited wealth.

Unlimited desires.

Unlimited love?

Tassie Fielding has everything money can buy, including a beautiful  apartment in an exclusive part of London, a luxury car, designer clothes and a credit card with no limit. However, she doesn't have the one thing she wants the most: her lover, Sheikh Najid. When she travels to the Middle East to find him, she discovers the terrible secret that he's been hiding from her, a secret that threatens not just his life, but hers as well.

How far would you go for the person you love?

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