Friday, January 4, 2013

If Women Ruled The World. Meet Lori Lesko

Today it’s great to have author Lori Lesko here to tell me abut her debut novel, Our Daughters. Over to you Lori!


The idea came from a vivid dream, actually of an intense sexual nature. I was having relations with a man (don't know who) and quite enjoyed it. I then remember going out of my room and telling other women about my experience, because they have never had sex. But just then, another woman ran down the hall crying that our good friend (somehow we all lived in this mansion) had given birth to a boy.

We were devastated and grieved for her. Because we knew that wasn't allowed. However, when this woman recovered from her loss and faced her peers, they allowed her to at least stay in the senate as a member. We rejoiced at this news.

I woke up from this dream thinking about my friend Claire. She's written a beautiful screenplay that's set to start filming next year. I was inspired by her creative story:

I'd never written anything before. She encouraged me to do it no matter what­—whether as a short story, novel or screenplay. Mind you, this was around June of this year, when there was an abundance of misogynistic men in our political arena who claimed expertise on how women would not get pregnant when raped. Or if they did, they wanted to shove a banana-shaped instrument into them, just to make sure.

Infuriated, I began to write my little novella amazed at how fast the ideas were falling into order. It was too easy. I simply reversed everything that was happening today in our country and placed a little surprise kicker at the end. While there is some violence in the story, I can honestly say there is not one GUN! Imagine that?

What is it About?

Diamond City is a place which lives up to its name. It has beautiful skies, clean air, tall trees, mountains and lakes. Building structures are simple, but eloquent. Everything runs on solar energy. Homes are all equal in size.

The people who live there have never known war or brutality. Every individual's medical needs are taken care of. Education is one of the top priorities. And money doesn't exist.

Diamond City is exactly how the women want it to be. This is only fair, because it's women who run the city. But such luxuries come at a painful price… there are rules to follow and laws to obey. Someone is always watching. This is the city that Helethia is born into.

Helethia and her friend Marcana are both heirs to the most powerful position in Diamond City, a seat in the Senate. A position which they are both being well-groomed for.

They are expected to be sworn into the Senate when they turn 21. At that time, each woman will be impregnated with the baby formula, then raise their daughters identically. For Diamond City women have always given birth to girls. Then one day, the unthinkable happens. A boy is born—tearing mothers and daughters apart, revealing deep hidden secrets and changing their lives forever.

Why am I writing a screenplay based on it?

Mostly, because everyone who has read it, told me to. Including my editor Claire Elizabeth Terry. She's been working in this area intensely for 20 years and her own original screenplay starts filming this year! So page by page, I'm writing it. Then I'll work on the sequel for the next book, as it will be a series called "Diamond City Series."

The next book will pick up right where Our Daughters left off. It will be titled The Snow Globe.


Lori Lesko was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Studied Photography for a year at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Traveled the whole way to Arkansas for college. There she graduated with a degree in Psychology and Theatre. She loves to travel and is seen here on a recent trip to Paris and Ireland. Her first book is a Novella called Our Daughters. She also likes to attempt screenplays on the side. To be continued....

Will be available at Smashwords and all other iPad, Nook, iPhone, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc, in the next 2 weeks!

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  1. Sounds powerful and interesting. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. Thank you Paul for stopping by. Glad you like the post :)