Friday, December 28, 2012

Fantasy, Faeries and Magic. Meet Rosemary Lynch

I am very pleased to welcome author, Rosemary Lynch, who has kindly agreed to tell me all about her wonderful books and what inspired them. Over to you Rosemary!

I have always loved fantasy, and right from an early age, faeries and magic have held a special place in my heart. As a child, I spent a lot of time reading in my favourite apple tree at the bottom of the Garden, and creating magical worlds and stories of my own. I have always tinkered with writing; when my girls were young, I wrote farm animal stories for them based on their ‘pets’ which lived on my mum and stepfather’s smallholding, and a few faery stories as well.

I started writing Kainan, Deragan Sword Prophecy, Book 1, three years ago, after I had an amazing dream, it was like a memory stick downloading into my mind, and the dreams and inspirations have come ever since. I finished, Meladrom, Deragan Sword Prophecy, Book 2 in August, and have just completed the first draft of Book 3, called Analise that I hope to release February/March 2013.

The Deragan Sword Trilogy, is more than just a story, it is a journey into adulthood, responsibility and love. It sees a young man who loses everything, fight to protect his new way of life, and save the people that he loves from unspeakable evil. They are books full of magic, romance, adventure, and fantasy creatures.

A lot of my inspiration also comes when I am walking in the woods with my dogs; listening to the silence really helps to open your mind and let the characters speak. I know it sounds crazy, but that is how it feels sometimes, they have a story to tell, and it is up to me to tell it the best way I can.

This half of the year I have also finished, TheWizard and the Witch, The Star of Elmrock, Book1. The inspiration for this book came from the times I spent on holiday at my cousin’s farm in Surrey. We did, as my characters in the book do, played for hours lost in our own magical world.

My books are aimed towards young adults age 16+; however, I have a wide range of readers, from adults to grandparents, who have also enjoyed them.

Projects for the coming year – To finish and release Analise, and write the Wizard and the Witch, Book 2. I have a few more stories and ideas, which I have started, and I hope to tinker with this year, including a spin off from Kainan, which I am really looking forward to writing.

All my books are available through and, in Kindle or paperback format.

Kainan ~ Deragan Sword Prophecy ~ Book One

Meladrom ~ Deragan Sword Prophecy ~ Book Two

The Wizard and the Witch ~ The Star of Elmrock


  1. Great post! Thanks for letting get to know you a bit better Ms. Lynch! I especially enjoyed reading about your inspiration from walking your dogs in the woods. I myself love to let my mind wander and go where it will while I walk, either alone, or with JoJo, my beloved adopted lab-mix. Best of luck to Ms. Lynch and thanks Kathryn for a wonderful post!

    Paul R. Hewlett

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment, I am glad you like the post. You would be amazed how many ideas come from walking in the woods. I am glad you and JoJo enjoy it too. My two dogs are border collies, called Max and Arweyn (yes I named her after my heroine!) Happy New to you.. Rose