Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Romance and the Writer: An interview with author, Regina Puckett

I am so pleased to be interviewing Regina Puckett today, the author several great romance novels.  First of all Regina, can I ask you how you became an author?  

I believe most writers are born to write.   I can’t remember a time when I didn’t enjoy putting the written word down onto paper.  I seriously begin writing my first full length novel in my early twenties.  Back then I thought the book was a masterpiece.  I received a few rejection letters on it and reading it now I can see just how bad it really was.  Fortunately I discovered along the way that the more I wrote the better my writing became. It took many years but finally Publish America and Whimsical Publications gave me the opportunity to share my books with other people.

You have published several romance novels; could you tell us something about your books?

My first published romance was Concealed in My Heart.  This book was written because of a dream I had about raising someone else’s child.  After that dream I spent the next two years thinking of how to make a story out of that situation.  Both of my main characters in Concealed in My Heart are married to other people at the beginning of the story, so the tale is about how Charity and David have to overcome betrayal and tragedy to rebuild their lives and learn to trust in love again.

Songs That I Whisper is the second book in the series.  This is Suzette and Seth’s love story.  Suzette is David’s daughter and Charity’s adopted daughter.  She meets an up-and-rising country music star that comes from a horrible home where he has only seen the worst of human nature. Before they can fall in love they have to overcome groupies, a murder attempt, suspicious police and their own doubts about falling in love.

What the Heart Knows is book three and is about Suzette’s best friend and her baby sister.  Emily and Gregory have both been in love for many years, but without the other knowing it.  On her way to her car one night after a going-away party Emily is attacked.  She feels very fortunate to escape before too much harm is done to her, but then the attacker begins to threaten and stalk her.  Because the stalker is threatening her family, Emily tries to handle the situation without going to the police. 

Soon after learning that Emily is trying to hide away from the world, Gregory works hard to convince her to tell him why she is so spooked and along the way he tries to show her that despite their many differences they are meant to be together.

Love’s Great Plan is book four and is Coty’s and Amanda’s story.  Their love story is almost doomed from the beginning. It is well known among the small town of Murfreesboro that three years before Amanda’s brother tried to rape and murder Coty’s sister, Emily.  Ever since that awful day, Amanda has been trying to convince everyone she’s nothing like her brother.  What she doesn’t know is that Coty can see the purity of her heart and soul, and loves everything about her. 

Waiting for MaryElizabeth is book five and is about Emily and Gregory’s daughter, Mary Elizabeth.  Mary Elizabeth meets Gregory in the middle of a national forest.  She’s only four years old and she believes when he finds her that she has met her saviour.  Unfortunately twelve year old Gregory is just as lost as her.  By the end of the night she makes him promise to wait for her to grow up so they can be married.  To their parents’ surprise he agrees.  While no one but Mary Elizabeth believes he will keep that promise, Gregory proves them all wrong and returns for her.  It is only then their struggles begin, because there is someone who will do anything with her power to keep them apart.

You published your latest novel, ‘Waiting for Mary Elizabeth’, as both a paperback and as an ebook.  Why did you decide to do this and are your planning to publish your previous books as ebooks sometime in the future?

Whimsical Publications gave me the choice of whether I wanted Waiting for Mary Elizabeth to be published in print, ebook, or both.  I know ebooks are really taking off, but I personally love holding a book and know that other people still do as well.  I think having the book available in both forms makes good business sense.

My first four books were published by Publish America. At the time I signed those contracts the publisher didn’t offer me the option of having them available in ebooks.  That publisher has since given me the option of having them published as ebooks, but has not offered to change my contract to reflect this change.

What are you working on at the moment? 

I have three novels in different stages of development.  One is the sixth book in my series.  I’m in the middle of chapter eight with it.  The second book is a fun book about two writers falling in love, but I’m stuck at chapter five.  Book three is really the most different style of writing for me because it is about a woman vampire trying to let go of her old life and facing the reality that she’s never going to be human again.  I’m not certain this book will ever get beyond chapter one, but I like making plans for it.  I have at least three other stories floating around in my head trying to take form.  Time will only tell which book gets finished first.

I believe that your daughter is also an author. What’s it like having two writers in the family? 

I like having someone I can discuss all of the ups and downs about the writing world.  Not everyone understands how much hard work is involved in getting published and then trying to get readers to notice that the books are out there to be read.  We share ideas about how to generate interest in our books, and we are very fortunate that we both don’t get discouraged about this long, difficult process at the same time. It’s good to know someone has my back at all times and I hope she knows I will always have hers.

When you are not writing, what do you like doing in your free time?

My problem is that I love doing too many different things.  I love to read anything and everything.  I enjoy painting landscapes and like buying beads to make necklaces and earrings.  I never get bored but I do find myself too scattered and unorganized at times.

What advice do you have for other authors?

Never give up.  You are going to be rejected and you will probably be rejected many times.  The difference between someone who is meant to be a writer and someone who isn’t is the real writer never lets anyone else tell them that they can’t do it.  Not every writer will become famous or rich, but if that’s why you’re writing than you’re writing for the wrong reason to begin with.  Love what you do and it will show up in the finished work.

Where can we buy your books?

Whimsical Publications


Publish American

Finally, do you have any parting comments that you would like to share with us?

Every writer writes with the hope that others will read what they have created.  I hope people choose to read my books and love my characters as much as I do.

I hope they do too!  Thank you so much Regina for taking the time to tell us about your beautiful books.


  1. Good luck with your change to Whimsical, Regina. Best wishes for lots of sales and a readership that follows your books as you release them.
    Pat Dale

  2. Hey, Regina. Great interview. I look forward to reading your short story in Whimsical Publications' new anthology "Winter Wonders."

  3. Thank you Pat and Wanda for stopping by and reading Regina's great interview.