Friday, December 16, 2011

Great Book Giveaway! Angels and Romance for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and the festive season is here!  To celebrate, I am following up Ellen Gable's recent offer of a free copy of In Name Only, with the chance to win not just one, but two free books this Christmas!

What could be more suitable for Christmas than angels?  I am offering all readers with the chance to win a FREE copy of Patti Robert's first book, Paradox - The Angels Are Here.  I just love the cover of this paranormal romance and have even listed it on my Great Book Covers page.  For more about the author, see my recent interview with the wonderful Patti Roberts at: The Angels Are Here.

And just in case you're feeling the cold this winter, I'm also offering you the chance to escape to the heat of the desert with a FREE copy of my own romance, The Royal Sheikh!

So how can you win not just one, but two free books this Christmas?
It's simple.  Just leave a comment below before Christmas Day and follow this blog, if you aren't already.  Out of the people that comment, one lucky person will be selected to receive both books.  How simple is that?


  1. What a wonderful giveaway for the Christmas season! Both books look incredible and I am adding them to me "to get" pile! *smile*

  2. A lovely idea. They certainly do sound fab and I'd love to read them both. A chance to win would be fab. Happy Christmas x x

  3. Three is the lucky number, maybe. It would be fun to share more presents under the tree. Happy Holidays.

  4. My daughter would love these books. Maybe she'll find one under the tree ;)

  5. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I'll keep my fingers crossed!


  6. Both books sound great. Thank you so much for the chance to win them.

    GFC: VanillaOrchids

  7. Just in time for Christmas! I love Christmas stories and going to check out your book too. Thanks christina_92 at

  8. such a good giveaway! :) love christmas so so much!
    thankyou for the giveaway!

  9. Hi Pam (Vanilla Orchids),

    You are the lucky winner of our 2 free books, Paradox - The Angels Are Here and The Royal Sheikh! I'll email you with the details. I hope you enjoy them.

    Since it's Christmas, we are also offering everyone else who commented 50% off a copy of Paradox. I'll email/contact you soon.

    Also, if you go to Patti's website, today you could win a beautiful Paradox T-shirt and tote!

    Merry Christmas everybody,


  10. Thank you so much Katheryn! I am sure I will enjoy them. :)

    Merry Christmas!