Friday, May 25, 2012

Making the Unbelievable Become Believable: Meet Author Janet Beasley

I just love fairy tales, so I’m thrilled to be able to welcome fantasy author, Janet Beasley. First Janet, could you tell me something about your wonderful books?

My main books are epic fantasy. . . you know, good old fashioned good vs. evil, but with a fresh new approach. So far people have said it is a very intriguing colossal experience, it reminds them of the day when you believed in the tooth fairy, and one even remarked that it was a mix of Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz.

What inspired you to write them?

Since childhood I have always been making up "lands" I could be princess of, and "creatures" who were approachable, lovable, and would let me ride them like horses and such. As life progressed, I married the best guy for me around, and we expanded our productions talents into our own company, Multi-Tech Productions, Inc. Since 1998 we've been involved in creating theatrical productions where we are responsible for making the unbelievable become believable with the use of special effects, audio, lighting, and multi-media. If you saw our house you'd swear you're on a stage set. . . a different one in every room! So I would have to say my background and fantastical imagination would be one of the biggest inspirations I use to create my novels.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment, I'm working hard to get the word out about Maycly. Hidden Earth Maycly Volume 1 Parts 1, 2, and 3 released on Feb 26, 2012 in paperback, then on Mar 20, 2012 as ebooks. I say ebooks because the paperback holds all 3 Parts, where as each Part is a separate ebook.

What are you currently reading?

I'm reading 1106 Grand Boulevard by author Betty Dravis - a real thrill as I'm from the area of Ohio she has written about, and I can relate to so much. I'm also in the middle of reading The Children of Anak by author Daniel Carter - the second in his trilogy of the G-6 Chronicles - a fast pace scifi-fantasy that keeps your adrenaline running high.

You say on your Amazon profile that people should 'live life to the fullest'. Do you think you have done this? If so, how?

Absolutely! I believe living life to the fullest is remaining happy, with a great attitude, as many days of your life here on earth as possible. I stay happy helping others, and assuring I bring a smile to at least one face a day in need.

What do you like to do in your free time when you're not writing or reading?

My husband and I love to tandem kayak the beautiful, crystal clear, spring fed rivers of Florida. He does most of the navigating so I can explore into my other hobby: scenic nature photography. There's so much opportunity for great shots of wildlife and nature when you kayak. You can go into so many more places than you can get to by foot or regular boat. It's always peaceful, serene, and makes for a great escape.

Do you have any advice for other authors?

I do, and it would probably be another book all in itself. I'm not just talking the mechanics of writing, but there are so many other things fiction authors must deal with on top of having to be creative and get their stories out there. I guess the biggest thing I would stress to anyone wanting to be an author, is to never listen to anyone who tells you it can't be done.

Do you have any parting comments?

I would like to thank you, Katheryn, for having me on your blog. It's been really fun! And to all my current and future fans out there - may your every day be filled with the good things of Maycly. ;-)

Thank you Janet! Just one last thing, where can readers buy your book and find out more about you?


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  1. The book covers are very unique; they're lovely. And I love good v evil books.

    1. Hello Emma! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to chime in with a comment. I will let my illustrator know she's received a very nice compliment on her cover artwork - thank you!! It definitely is a good vs. evil kind of book, suitable for the entire family. It's been really fun on the blog tour. So far my fans range from 10 year olds to 80 year olds and every age in between. If you get a copy of Maycly, I certainly hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Just to let you know, the entire collection of Maycly books (paperback, companion, and ebooks) are all on sale at discounted rates during the month of May. Again, appreciate you stopping by. Here's wishing you a stellar weekend! ~Author Janet Beasley~

  2. Great interview Janet! Looks like some really neat stuff. We just moved to FL a year ago, nothern gulf coast, and love to boat and your kayak adventures sound great! Any suggestions?