Friday, March 16, 2012

Her Latin Lover is Now Covered

My new romance novel, Her Latin Lover, now has a great book cover thanks to Judy Bullard at I love the cover she did for my first contemporary romance, The Royal Sheikh, so I asked her if she could design one for my next book, Her Latin Lover. It is set in South America so I wanted a slightly different feel to the previous cover, e.g. the font that she used for the title had to change, as did the background image. However, she kept the same font for my name and placed it at the bottom of the cover as before, so that there would be some consistency between the two books. Hopefully this will help people see that they are by the same author, though this time Judy gave my name a slight pinkish hue which I think looks great. Thank you Judy for the gorgeous cover!

Her Latin Lover has been picked over by several editors, which is always a nerve-wracking process, but they said they loved it, just as long as I made the changes they suggested! It is now with a professional proofreader, but as soon as I get it back and change any errors (hopefully there won't be too many of them!) the book will be published on Amazon.  Watch this space!

Stop Press! Her Latin Lover is now available on Amazon! Click here to grab your copy.


  1. Good luck with this Katheryn. Cover is beautiful. The scenery reminds me a little of Ireland too

    1. Thank you Emma! I hoping to have it published in the next couple of days - I'm very excited about it and little nervous at the same time!