Thursday, December 19, 2013

MARRIED TO MAGGIE - Great Romance by Jan Romes

Since I'm currently into bride covers (see A Bride For The Sheikh) and Texas (see The Texas Cowboy), I was immediately drawn to Jan Romes' latest romance, Married to Maggie. Here's what it's about:

Texas playboy, Ty Vincent, heir to the Vincent Oil fortune needs a short-term wife to convince his grandfather and the Board of Directors that he's changing his ways so they'll name him CEO. Ditching an environmental conference in Atlanta to play in Reno, Ty suffers razor-sharp chest pains at the airport. The pains were becoming a common occurrence that started showing up after he lost his father in a fiery crash a year earlier. The woman who comes to his aid not only helps him with what she can only assume is a heart attack but she also fibs to keep airport security and paparazzi from descending on him. She's brilliant, unemployed and not his type which makes her the perfect choice for a temporary spouse. If he can ignore her extraordinary blue eyes then everything will go according to plan. 

Cardiac rehab nurse, Maggie Gray finds herself the victim of hospital downsizing. When T. Loy Vincent, I, a former patient, offers her a million dollars to get his grandson under control, Maggie is pressured by her father to enter into the wife-for-hire scheme. All she has to do is convince Ty Vincent to marry her. When she tracks Ty down at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport to put things in motion, she finds him in the middle of chest issues. The nurse in her takes over and before she knows it she's eyebrow deep in yet another deal. The second she says yes to both agreements, her life is turned upside down. To top it off, she can't seem to curb an annoying attraction for Dallas's most famous womanizer. 

Six months. No Sex. No telling each other what to do. It should be a win-win for them both. Will the mayhem of wealth, media attention, meddlesome friends and chemistry so hot it could melt plastic ruin their lives? Or will it be the catalyst for happily-ever-after?

Having seen the book cover, read the blurb, and knowing what a great romance writer Jan is, I couldn't help but buy it! Here's what I thought:

Married to Maggie is a great romance story! When super rich Ty accidentally meets Maggie in an airport, he thinks he’s found the potential bride he needs to convince his grandfather that he’s responsible enough to take over the family’s oil business. However, the meeting isn’t an accident and Ty and Maggie find out that there is a lot more behind their meeting than they first thought.

This book is full of drama, passion and romance. Ty, despite his highly privileged upbringing, is a wonderful, sexy hero, while the heroine is smart and feisty enough to stand her ground in the cut-throat world of the Dallas mega wealthy. I loved the two main characters so much that I couldn’t stop reading to find out what would happen to them.

Married to Maggie is a great romance read that will have you turning the pages until the early hours of the morning! I can’t wait to read more in this series.

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