Friday, March 30, 2012

Seven Sentences from Her Latin Lover

K.E. Saxon, author of Diamonds and Toads (check out the great cover!) has challenged me to play Seven Sentences! Here are the rules:

Go to page 77 of your current book
Go to line 7
Copy down the next 7 sentences (no cheating)
Tag 7 other authors and let them know

Here goes!

From Her Latin Lover:

Why hadn’t Paulo told her? What else hadn’t he told her about, and who was he really? She was furious about the fact that she had almost let him, a comparative stranger, seduce her.

She had to get up and get out of his house. However, when she tried to stand up, the pain in her ankle prevented her from getting very far. It didn’t seem to be broken: it was more like a very bad sprain. It must have happened when she fell down, just before she shot Leon.

If you'd like to read more, Her Latin Lover is available on Amazon.

And now I'm going to tag:

Michelle Hughes
Regina Puckett
Lenore Wolfe
Philip Catshill
Jan Romes
Natalie Hancock
Michael Rivers

Have fun!


  1. It's in my TBR list, Katheryn but haven't managed to read it yet (am busy trying to sort out of blogs for the A-Z Blog Challenge!). Hope to have some more reading time over Easter!

    1. Thank you Paula! Hope you enjoy it. Good luck with your A-Z Blog Challenge!

  2. On my TBR list too Katheryn. Best of luck with your books.

  3. What a great excerpt!! Can't wait to get a break so I can read the whole book.

    1. Thank you K.E. and thank you for asking me to play. Lots of fun!

  4. OH what a fun tag!! A great 7!!

    Cheers, Jenn