Friday, September 23, 2011

Who Else is There? What happens when the good guys go bad?

There are many things I have worried about over the years.  Some are fairly trivial, like how do you caramelise a good crème brȗlée without a blow torch?  Others are more serious, like how would we survive a nuclear war?  One of my more serious worries is what would you do if you were framed for a murder and either you couldn’t prove your innocence, or for some reason the police were corrupt and therefore convicting you unfairly?  ‘Who Else is There’ is a murder mystery which partly deals with the latter problem: corrupt police.  Who can you turn to if you can’t trust the police? 

Here is the product description from Amazon:
While Mike Newman struggles to recover from injuries, corruption spreads through his former police station like an evil cloud. Law is enforced only if these police officers choose to implement it. Crime thrives and permeates their ranks like a disease. Police officers profit by letting criminals walk free. Even murder and rape are not only condoned by them but are committed by them.
In these gripping stories, Mike and his friends are plunged into adventure and danger as they tackle the evil head on.

The reviewers love it!  Here is an except from one 5 STAR review:
The title of the book is perfect for the story. When cops go bad, 'Who else is there'? As a police constable I found myself drawn into the story quickly. Mike's troubles seem to pile on as he moves through the story and I found myself hoping he'd make it to the next page.  The story takes place in the '80's which can be a tough sell for a story but the author does it well and I found it akin to reading an old case file. The hints of its date are everywhere, "Polaroid Camera" etc and I found myself chuckling about when I had used Polaroids at crime scenes. . . As 'good cop/bad cop' stories go this one hit a home run.

What I think:
The author, Philip Catshill, is an ex-policeman (like the above reviewer), so he certainly knows what he’s talking about.  As a result it does make you wonder just how true to life the book is.  Can we trust the English police force?  Looks like here’s another thing for me to lie awake at night worrying about . . .

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