Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Austrian Summer – a perfect piece of paradise

I just love Austria!  The castles, the cakes, the coffee houses and the balls where you can waltz the night away like some kind of heroine in a Regency romance!  However, there is more to Austria than just these things; there are also the Alps.  The book ‘An Austrian Summer: A Young Person’s Guide to Innsbruck and the Stubai Valley’ covers an area of Austria that is still surprisingly untouched.  In fact I hesitated about writing this post as the more people that know about this part of Europe, the more people will visit and the quicker this perfect part of the world will be become ruined.  However, this book is so lovely that I felt compelled to write something.

Here is the product description from Amazon:
All the way from the city of Innsbruck to the Mutterberg Glacier, this guide will show you the summer wonders of Innsbruck and the less well known Stubai Valley. Whether you like to mountain climb, sight see or just chill out, pick up this guide and explore your favourite parts. This is the guide made by a kid for a kid.

From the book itself, here is a bit about the author:
Frankie Allen is a secondary school student who loves Geography and English as well as many other subjects. This is his first book and he is thinking about writing more about travel and maybe even some fiction.

What I think:
Even though it has been written by a student, this book will appeal to all ages.  I just hope that not too many people decide to travel to the Stubai Valley after they have read it.  It certainly made me want to book a flight and return!

P.S.  The book mentions a place called Alpensonne Apartments in the Stubai Valley, but doesn’t give the website.  I found it at: http://www.landhaus-alpensonne.com.  Take a look - the pictures are stunning!


  1. I stayed in that part of Austria many, meany years ago. Always said I would go back there but haven't managed it - yet!

  2. Hi Paula,

    It's a very beautiful part of the world. I'd go back tomorrow if I had the time (and money!). I hope you enjoyed your stay there as much as I did.