Saturday, November 16, 2013

THE TEXAS COWBOY - Sneak peek!

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Apart from a sheikh, what could be sexier than a cowboy?

Inspired by several trips I've made to Texas, I'm currently working on a new romance called THE TEXAS COWBOY. Although I'm still editing it, I'm so excited about this book that I'm giving everyone a sneak peak of Chapter 1.

“You can’t take his picture, Victoria!” Laura whispered.

“Please, call me Vicky,” Laura’s cousin replied. She held up her phone and clicked. There on the screen was a picture of the man opposite them captured forever for Vicky to look at as much as she pleased whether Laura liked it not.

“I don’t know how people behave where you come from in England, Victoria, but here in Dallas, we don’t go round taking pictures of strangers, especially cowboys.” Laura lifted up her iced tea with her perfectly manicured fingers and took a small sip. 

“But look at him. It’s such a great image.” Vicky pointed directly at the man standing across the street from the cafe where they had stopped for a drink. He was wearing faded jeans, boots and a large cowboy hat, which was tilted slightly over his left eye. In his arm he was holding an orange Hermes box tied up with brown ribbon. “It just seems to sum up Dallas, doesn’t it? A tall, sexy cowboy, holding an expensive, designer box.”

“Victoria, I don’t see what’s so interesting about him. He’s probably just some ranch-hand on an errand. I would never have suggested sitting outside, if I thought you were going to take photographs of strange men,” Laura signaled to one of the waiters for the bill.
“I’m sorry, but my friends back home will just love this picture. I had to take it.” Vicky looked up from the image on her phone to the flesh and blood version that was waiting on the other side of the road. The cowboy caught her eye and winked at her. Vicky looked at her cousin. She was looking for change in her purse. Vicky looked across the road and winked back. She could feel her cheeks turning scarlet. She wasn't sure if it was because she was embarrassed about defying her cousin, or because she had just made a pass at a complete stranger. She would never have done something like that back home in England, so what made her do it here in Dallas?

“I don’t believe it,” Laura said. “It looks like he’s coming over. Drink up. We’re leaving.” Laura stood up to go, but it was too late. The cowboy had already crossed the road and was striding towards them.

I hope to publish THE TEXAS COWBOY soon. 

Watch this space! 

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