Friday, September 20, 2013

New Sheikh Romance On It's Way!

I've been away for a while on my summer holidays (which is why it's been quiet on this blog recently) and I while I was gone, I took advantage of the free time to write my next sheikh romance. It has a provisional title of A BRIDE FOR THE SHEIKH and although it's still at draft stage, I can give away a little bit about it.

When Sheikh Rashid is told by his father, the sultan, that he must marry the scheming daughter of his financial adviser, Chrystal Longhorn, the sheikh refuses. The sultan finally agrees to let his son choose his own bride, but on two conditions: she must be a foreigner, to prevent intermarriage with a local family, and she must be presented to the sultan as the sheikh’s bride in just two weeks’ time.

That evening Sheikh Rashid meets Angelina Smith, a beautiful young woman from England. The sheikh is immediately besotted with her. The attraction is mutual, but Angelina has just accepted a place at an exclusive law school in London. Will she throw away her hard-earned career dreams to become a Middle Eastern wife?

Being the royal wife of a billionaire sheikh is exactly what Chrystal Longhorn wants. What lengths will she go to in order to keep Sheikh Rashid and make sure he marries her and not Angelina? 

Sheikh Rashid has only two weeks to persuade Angelina to marry him, or face a loveless marriage with Chrystal.

The clock is ticking...

The book still needs to be edited, but I hope to release it soon. Watch this space!

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