Saturday, September 10, 2011

Born Different – A different type of fairytale

BORN DIFFERENT by Faye Aitken-Smith is an inspirational fairytale about a boy with wings who can either conform or decide to fly: he decides to fly and the book is his story.

This is the book description:
I’ll like you if you like me. I won’t like you if you don’t like me. I’ll hate you if you hate me. I’ll love you if you love me, but then maybe again I won’t, as love rarely follows any kind of rules.
Gabe doesn’t like his current reality. He seems to have been born into the wrong one. One where everything is grey and the people are miserable. Everything would be different, in Gabe’s ideal world. For a start he would not be with his friends, the damned. He would find his long lost dad. Grace would notice him. He would be selling his art for millions of dollars, so not having to commit the crimes he is at the moment and Gabe would also be free. Free from the burden of who is and the fact that he was born so different. Gabe spends his life hidden and in pain because Gabe was born a freak. Gabe has wings.

For Gabe to follow his dreams he has to make a few major life changes, in fact he needs to change everything about his life. His friends are turning into gangsters and heaven turns out to be hell. Nothing is ever as it seems as Gabe goes on his journey to see if he can do anything about changing his own destiny.

Born Different is inspiring. It is as edgy and real as it is fairytale. It touches on many of the modern day ills in a supposed civilized society. Breakdown of families, addiction, domestic violence, alcoholism, self harm, the disillusionment with it all; with authority. And the passion and hope within us all for a better future.

And this is what the Smashwords book description says:
Gabe hasn't had it easy so far in life. His father left him before he was even born, the girl he loves doesn't know he exists and his friends seem hell bent on getting him into trouble. To top it all off, Gabe has a secret he would rather take to the grave than reveal.

Suddenly Gabe's world is turned upside down when he takes part in a robbery and Grace, his unrequited love, asks him to go for a walk with her.

Secrets are revealed, truths uncovered and only Gabe's strength and love will pull everyone through.

Destined to become a cult classic, Born Different, is a tale of one boy's struggle to fit into a world he feels he doesn't belong.

This is what the reviewers say:
I don't feel I'm eloquent enough to explain just how special this book is. . It carries a very important message and is so true for the times we live in.

I literally read it in 3 instalments, it was as unputdownable as my time would allow. Whether it will appeal to the masses I'm not sure but I loved it! I understand exactly what she is saying and happen to agree too. I think it would make a good movie, perhaps even a cult classic. I wish her all the best with this book. I hope to see it in print and I will definitely buy a copy. So basically "WOW" yes! and "Go for it!" It's a beautiful piece of work.

What I say:
I love fairytales and this book sounds like a great modern day one!

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