Saturday, August 27, 2011

Widowed to an author

My husband is a very patient man, luckily, but at times I do feel that he is a bit of an author widow, left on his own to watch TV and go out alone to see his friends while I tap away on the computer (like I’m doing now).  I’m sure he’s not the only one out there.  There must be hundreds, perhaps thousands (millions?) of other husbands and wives like him who wonder why they married an author.  I haven’t yet shown him this list that I found the other day on Lili Tufel’s blog as it might be a bit too close to the bone for him, but personally I found it hilarious.  I’m reproducing here with Lili’s kind permission.

Top Ten Signs You're Married to an Author

Number 10:

Your spouse refuses to get dressed and claims that the writing is better while wearing pajamas.

Number 9:

Your spouse gets upset because the cat has managed to change all the settings on the keyboard.

Number 8:

Your spouse takes notes while watching television because even a duel between the red-back spider and the bull ant can make a great action scene.

Number 7:

Your spouse stops you mid-conversation and says, “This is great dialogue.”

Number 6:

Your spouse has a bad day but doesn’t take it out on you, instead there are new characters to harass, torment, and kill.

Number 5:

You catch your spouse checking his/her Amazon page for the fifth time today.

Number 4:

You meet someone new … and as your spouse shakes her hand you hear, “What a beautiful name! That’s my protagonist’s name.”

Number 3:

You find your spouse crying because someone has just died and you know you have to ask if that person is real or imaginary.

Number 2:

You come home and see that she’s made dinner … you don’t know what it is, but it has a great title. – Robert Tufel (my husband)

And the number 1 sign you're married to an author is:

You find questionable items on the Google search history: "detonator, fertilizer, FBI protocol, properties of acid, violent chemical compounds" - Nicholas Denmon

Thank you to Lili Tufel for letting me reproduce her blog article here.  Lili is the author of the #1 Smashwords bestseller SAND, a thriller also available from Amazon – check it out!

Lastly, to all the author husbands and wives out there, a huge thank you for all your love and patience!   


  1. Thanks so much! You are a doll :D

  2. Thank you for letting me use your Top Ten Signs!