Thursday, July 14, 2011

Classic romance

Many thanks to Romance Novel Junkies for reviewing 'The Royal Sheikh' .  In short, they thought the book was 4/5 stars and likened it to 'a classical romantic read'.  The also said that 'If you feel in the mood for something romantic, nothing hardcore, then this could be your read' which I think is a good summary of the book.  It's the type of romance that you could share with your mum.  In fact, I did share it with my mum! Click here if you want to read the full review on Amazon.

We love a good classic romance!  In fact there are a lot of classics that we like, such as a Kelly handbag, a Chanel suit, a Rolls Royce, a Tiffany's diamond braclet, a Hermes scarf, the list goes on (only wish I had some of them!)

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